Michael Hesterberg x Adidas POWERBAND 2.0 (UpDated)

Brought to you by designer Michael Hesterberg, these Adidas POWERBAND 2.0 Golf shoe’s are an aggressive yet clean concept.

‘The evolution of the POWERBAND concept for adidas Golf in it’s second itteration, continues with the concept of harnesing the power of your swing through useage of a carbon fiber plate for maximum energy return. The concept is about fluidity and maximum power, evident in the enhancement of the aesthetic.’ – Michael Hesterberg

With some excellent, fluid sketches and a great deal of exploration in the development phases, you can see how the shoe came out looking as good as it does. Check out the development of the concept, below.

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[highlight] Can you tell us a little about yourself? [/highlight]

My name is Michael Hesterberg and I am the senior footwear designer for adidas Golf in Carlsbad, California. I grew up in North Carolina and and went to North Carolina State University to study Industrial Design. I’ve always been an artist and very interested in the way things are made. In high school I began working in Champ’s sports selling shoes, from that moment on I knew I wanted to be a footwear designer.

[highlight] What inspired this concept?  [/highlight]

Powerband, it is for the golfer who wants more power and has the “go for it in two” mind set. Some of the early influences were the cooling vents on guns and a few architectural concepts that had a shell like appearance. I liked the idea of connecting the upper to the tooling with shapes that cradled the foot. The code name was Power Geometry, The shoe has essential technology that harnesses power in the golf swing. The design provides a lot of lateral support and stability, and therefore more power. 

[highlight] What is your favorite feature of the design? [/highlight]

I wanted to give the outsole more life. A lot of golf shoes focus on a zonal approach to the outsole. They have these zones that are blocked out to show that the shoe provides traction or stability in certain areas, and to me they look stagnant. My goal was to make this design to feel more fluid by using lines and shapes that more accurately depict the action of swinging a golf club. No one wants a swing with a hitch in it, so the idea was to design an outsole that tells the story of what a golfer needs, in terms of traction, stability, and roll at toe-off, in a more fluid and powerful way. 

‘The perf’ shapes on the upper were taken from the cooling vents on a gun and were an early inspiration for the emotion of raw power conveyed in the lines of the upper’ – Michael