Material Innovation: This Leather is Grown in a Lab

New Jersey based start-up, Modern Meadow has engineered a way to grow, or better yet, brew leather in a lab, without harming any animals.

“We have engineered a strain of yeast — like a cousin of what you’d use to brew beer — which can produce collagen through fermentation. Collagen, which is found in animal skins, is the main biological building block of leather. We assemble it into a range of materials that become our ‘Zoa bioleather.'” – Modern Meadow CEO and founder, Andras Forgacs

The bioleathers only take around two weeks to be “brewed”, considerably less time then it takes to raise livestock. The “Biofabricated Zoa” leather can either be delivered in sheets, like traditional leather, or even poured into place for more intricate applications. “It can go anywhere traditional leather would go, and beyond,” Forgacs said.

You can read more about Biofabricated Zoa leather, here, or check out the video below for more info.


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