Martine Rose Cleverly Plays With Proportion In Her Nike Collab

You may have seen Martine Rose’s latest collaboration with Nike, and in particular the Nike Monarch (something which I’m sure the Monarch’s creator, Jason Mayden never envisioned someone doing this with his design). What you may not have realised was just how interesting and unique from a design/development standpoint, this particular Monarch is.

Not wanting to create more tooling, Martine and Nike opted to use a US18 size upper and placed it on a US9 sole unit – The shape itself follows on the same imaginative exercise as the apparel, but with more even experimentation — beginning with fitting a size 18 upper to size 9 tooling. Bringing this vision to commercial life required inventive development. Thus, Rose’s Air Monarch was built as a series of molds that were topped with stretched synthetic leather. Only one shoe has a similar construction, itself an American standard: the Nike Foamposite. – Nike





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