Liquid Printed Natives

Self-Assembly Lab, MIT, Native Shoes and Emily Carr U. of Art and Design have been working together to print Native’s “Audrey” and “Jefferson” shoes in liquid rubber.

Printed in a single piece using a material developed by a team at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design. The printing process itself involves extruding the liquid plastic material inside a vat of gel, building the shoe from the sole up without the need for printing additonal external support structures.

The material used to produce the 3D print is also made from mostly recycled materials. According to Fast Company, the rubber-like material is made from a combination of recycled EVA and a flexible material used by Native Shoes for its more traditional footwear (via 3dprintingmedia).

Theres no word yet on the release of Liquid Printed Natives, as the process and materials are still being refined. For now though, you can get a glimpse into the Liquid Printing process, below.

Self-Assembly Lab Team:
Bjorn Sparrman, Kate Hajash, Shokofeh Darbari, Schendy Kernizan, Jared Laucks & Skylar Tibbits


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