#lastcomesfirst: Take a Moment for the adidas EQT ADV

You may have seen the odd post on instagram with the infamous #lastcomesfirst tagline. I’m sure most of you understand where I’m coming from with the hashtag, but for those who don’t, essentially I’m saying that the shape of the last (usually a green chunk of plastic that the shoe is built around) is one of, if not the most, important aspect of a shoe.

I can’t remember a time in recent memory where I saw a shoe on the shelf and was actually taken back by how beautiful the silhouette was. The adidas EQT ADV made me do just that.
And I can’t even act like I’ve been a huge fan of the EQT previously. However, these ADV joints have massivley elevated the EQT range imo, and a large part of that is purely down to the last shape.
With very little toe lift, almost no nose and basically an overall aggressive triangular shape, the EQT has to be one of the most beautifully shaped, mass market sneakers I’ve ever seen.

What else is interesting is the fact that a shoe with such a unique last shape is selling out instantly. Battling with consumers to get them to buy new and interesting styles is often a lofty task (though it’s easier if you’re adi or Nike). The fact the EQT ADV’s are selling out so quickly shows that consumers are willing to embrace a more unique type of silhouette.

This is a prime example of the massive effect a last can have on a shoe, and is the exact reason why the last, always comes first.






Mr. Bailey

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