Last Segmentation Research By Jesper Speekenbrink

Rotterdam based designer, Jesper Speekenbrink has created a method in which, by segmenting a shoes last, he’s able to easily manipulate and create a multitude of different last silhouettes, simply by stacking and building up slices of lasts, piece by piece.

“Last comes first. Every shoe starts at this very basic defining element. In the industry of footwear, lasts are not easily accessible for a designer to obtain or produce to use in a small range.

“To get around these restrictions I used a method to assemble and vary with the moulds differently. It is based on mimicking layering that occurs when translating a 3D file into a physical object.

“The segmentation of a last provides a way to create every modeled shape, offering the possibility to specialise the last, embed specific construction methods and endlessly vary the shape, size and resolution. Also the steps of modelling, laser-cutting and assembling allow the user to vary, make quick new models and mirror the slices to use as a left and right foot mould.” – Speekenbrink

You can see some of Jesper’s experiments below.


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