Laser Sintered Running Concept | Michael Weyrauch & Tom Luedecke

An extremely interesting concept from Michael Weyrauch & Tom Luedecke. Created via 3D laser sintering, which is similar to 3D printing; also built in layers, but essentially built from powder coats. Using ‘Free geometry with no traditional foam midsole cushioning‘, what can be considered sole of the shoe has been developed to have an ‘exterior flexible cage’ that looks like it could give a good amount of compression.

According to Michael this concept could actually be entirely functional. When asked whether it would actually be feasible, he replied, ‘Yes it would, with some rubber pods on the bottom. The cage is sintered using a flexible compound.’

It goes without saying that technology like this opens the doors to a higher level of possibilities, which I for one can’t wait to see. For now though, check out Michael Weyrauch’s & Tom Luedecke’s laser sintered running concept, below.

Michael_Weyrauch_laser_sintered_running_concept_1 Michael_Weyrauch_laser_sintered_running_concept_2 Michael_Weyrauch_laser_sintered_running_concept_3



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