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‘The Missions’ General Electric x Android Homme x Jack Threads

Mahabis Slippers

Supreme Sandals

Modern Vice Urban Hiker

ConceptKicks x MrBailey Speckle Print Baseball Cap

DC Winter Ace Boot

Jaco Footwear Collection


TI:ME Slippers

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Understanding your target audience and market is an integral part of the design process. We build a ubiquitous rundown of media that showcases the direction of the product, as well as researching the market for similar products or even direct competitors.


Through sketches, images & text, we come up with ideas and brain storm on the possible design direction of the project.


Based on our ideation, we start to create more finalized rendered images. We experiment with different forms, shapes and ideas, all while keeping the client informed throughout the process.


In this stage we create packets of information the factory needs to develop the designs (Measurements, material, branding, etc…).


Here we create a tangible sample from our tech packs and turn the design into reality. This part of the process is just as key as the initial design as the correct silhouette, width, materials and general feel of the shoe have to be developed.


During this phase we ready the shoe to enter the market, putting it through a variety of tests to make sure it’s of the highest quality and ready to be sold.

About Us

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The ConceptKicks Lab is comprised of a global team of young, fresh and innovative designers, located in New York, Berlin and London.

Who we are

ConceptKicks came to life through the merger of footwear design houses Bright Ideas Design, founded by in New York City by Omar Bailey in ‘06 and FTWR DSGN, founded in London, England by Daniel Bailey in ‘10. By combining the expertise and unique skill sets from both companies, The ConceptKicks Lab provides a complete product design and development service from concept through to manufacturing for the world’s leading footwear companies.

Our Team

Though both still rather young (and extremely handsome), both Daniel Bailey & Omar Bailey (brothers from different mothers…and fathers) have well over a decade of combined footwear design & development know-how. Daniel (also known as, ‘MrBailey’) hails from bright & sunny London, while Omar comes from some place called Florida. Now located between NYC and London, they both spend a lot of their time traveling, developing projects at their factories, which are located anywhere from Portugal & Italy, to Brazil, the USA and of course China. Whatever your footwear needs are (and a lot of other needs too), these two have the capabilities to bring them to life.

Daniel Bailey a.k.a MrBailey

Owner & Designer/Developer

Omar Bailey a.k.a ShoeGuy

Owner & Designer/Developer


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