Knitted Footwear Development Trip with Suzanne Oude Hengel

We featured the super inspiring work of designer, Suzanne Oude Hengel a short while back. Since then she’s been on a quest to push her innovative approach to seamless, knitted footwear construction, having recently just returned from a development trip in Aisa.
Development trips are never really that glamorous, and at times they can be extremley frustrating, but they’re always massive learning experience and can very eye-opening. It’s always nice to take a peak behind-the-curtain and see the real guts behind a project.

Below you can see some of what Suzanne got up to on her latest trip.

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Proces SPP-9
Proces SPP-10
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Proces SPP-11
Proces SPP-12
IMG_6540 kopie
IMG_6371 kopie
Proces SPP-14
Proces SPP-15
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IMG_6522 kopie
IMG_6515 kopie
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IMG_6401 kopie
IMG_6388 kopie
IMG_6333 kopie
IMG_6326 kopie
IMG_6117 kopie
IMG_6081 kopie
IMG_6052 kopie
IMG_5993 kopie
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IMG_5941 kopie
IMG_5939 kopie
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