Justin Gargasz – Reebok One4All Concept

The Reebok One4All is a super interesting one size fits all adjustable shoe concept from Reebok designer, Justin Gargasz.

‘(The) target consumer falls into the lifestyle category. The group is about a mind set not an age group. They appreciate products with a story and are willing to do some research into a product. The lifestyle consumer appreciates products with a sense of humor and irony.’ – Justin

Questioning how users can once again feel a sense of importance in a world of mass production, Justin wanted to create a shoe that would fit to the individuals foot shape, and therefore create a semblance of individuality. With a variety of initial concepts, Justin landed on a final leather sample that incorporates gillies that run the length of the medial side to give the user lacing options and adjustable toe cap/vamp system that allows the shoe to comfortably fit sizes 7-11, .

Check out the design & development of this project, after the jump.