Jordan XX8 Designer Insights (Video) & My Love Note to Tinker Hatfield

Now that the media frenzy (and general hate) has died down somewhat, I figure it’s a good time to take a look at the latest Jordan release from a purely design stand point.

IMO it’s nice to see brand Jordan put effort into a shoe that isn’t a re-release of a previously re-released, release, so from that point it’s a win, straight up. Plus the more renderings and insights we get from Tinker in this f’d up world we live in, the happier we’ll all be. I’m just saying, we all know Tinker is a living legend, he’s a gift to our unworthy feet, a sneaker design god. While the world looks in a linear fashion, Tinker looks in zig-zag formations. He sees whats around the corner before the corner even existed.

With that said…

Honestly there’s not much I can say about the design that hasn’t already been brilliantly explain by brand Jordan, so check out the insight video and let us know your thoughts on the XX8, after the jump.