Jordan Hangtime by Michael DiTullo

Michael DiTullo was instrumental in the early, formative years of my shoe design career. Those early days trawling through Coroflot, being in awe of some of the incredible work being displayed from the likes of, Olivier Henrichot, Lysandre Follet and a whole gang of others (mostly seeming to come from Creapole at the time). I would have to say though, that Michael was probably at the top of the list, for me atleast. At that time, he was a designer at Brand Jordan. Being on a Basketball scholarship at a Uni in the states, you can only imagine that this was pretty much the gold standard of footwear design for me at that time.

Anyway, all gushing aside, whenever Michael breaks open the vault to display some of his footwear designs, it always brings me back to that burgeoning time period.
The sketch above is one i’m not unfamilliar with. In fact, this is probably one of the many I printed out and overlaid to get a better sense of proportion. The picture below however, is definitly a first.
Below we have a rare glimpse at a sample of the Jordan Hangtime, a Jordan shoe that was unfortunatley, never released.


Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.20.20


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