Joe MacCarthy – Yo-Yo

We recently feature some of Joe MacCarthy’s outstanding work on our site, and couldn’t help ourselves to post some more of his work up. This beauty is called Yo-Yo, and it’s 1 of 5 space ladies rocking the dopest footwear concepts that he’ll launching at a gallery show soon.


[highlight] Can you tell us a little about yourself? [/highlight]


I have a lot of influence from being a 70’s kid with moon boots and growing up with all that groovy vibe.  I am a big Tron Head and love to dream these up on my patio in the sun in Oakland California.  My favorite shoes are probably Gene Simmons’ dragon boots or the classic moon boots from the 70’s off the top of my head.
I manage the toy team at Leapfrog and work on infant and preschool concepts during the day and do a lot of this art outside of work to hone up my skills for fun.  Stepping into the unknown by using different techniques is what my passion is.


We’re currently setting up a more in-depth interview, so stay tuned!