Joe MacCarthy Shoe Concepts/Digital Art

Joe MacCarthy is an award winning concept artist and one of the most creative designers out there right now. His creations are visually stunning, fun and inspiring, the level of skill and the amount of work that goes into every concept is just outstanding. Check out some of Joe’s amazing work, below.

‘Meowserz 69 – These are ivory fiber glass-reinforced programmable dancing boots. It actually runs a mandatory breathalyzer to make sure you had just a single dirty martini and then it promptly runs the Cha Cha 123 program.’ – Joe

‘Lime Delight in Tights – Exploring the unexplored. Hit that magnifying glass to see the detail and work method. Large HI RES image y’all! Giddy Up!’ – Joe

‘”Das boot de Beerinstien” – I have to prototype this before my next trip to Germany. Rock me Amadeus!’ – Joe

‘Converse MORCHiBA – I was inspired by a shoe that was designed by Damian Silver. I wanted to take it to the next level. I grew up in the 70’s on moon boots and KIZZ so this was a fun one to work on for a spell…’ – Joe


‘Puma Power_Flex – This is a hand made and sewn model that was my Senior Project from UW Stout 1994. The initial foot lask was also sculpted to get a better understanding of proportions since this was my first throw into footwear design.’ – Joe

‘Adidas Supahstah – A few sketches in the backyard on a Saturday afternoon. Be sure to view “Original File” with the microscope. Lots of detail on this little monkey.’ – Joe

‘Bladerunners- “fawn” – Gently she sweeps past with the wonder of it all…’ – Joe

‘Adidas_Blade Runners {Set 1 of 2} – My definition of the word bladerunner. Set 1 of 2.’ – Joe