Jeff Staple – Mens Fashion

This is  great little video from Jeff Staple, i saw it a few days ago and it just seemed to strike a cord.

The amount of confidence and swag you can gain just by simply putting on some great clothing is pretty amazing. What really ties an outfit all together for me though, are the shoes (pun intended). A footwear designer can put as much of their own style and taste into a shoe to create something they think will look dope, and it probably does, but what really brings the shoe to the next level are the way people respond to that shoe, how they wear, tweak and rework the shoes to fit their own individual style. Everyone knows that one guy that has a certain swag and can rock something super simple and make it look dope, and on the flip side there’s the guy that can wear the latest fashion trends and look a special type of dumb ass.

‘No amount of clothing, proper styling, hair& make-up or money can make a man, a man has to make the clothing. That’s how it’s always been, and that’s how it always will be.’ – Jeff Staple

THE ABC OF MENS FASHION – JEFF STAPLE from Hardy Amies on Vimeo.