James Birks – Football Boot (Soccer Cleat) Concept (Updated)

This is an incredibly impressive and in-depth football boot concept and sample from footwear designer, James Birks. The concept being to design and explore a football boot ‘which reduces the risk of over-use injuries and improve performance. During the course of this project I gained valuable advice and guidance from many experts, in particular Bio-Mechanics, Sports Science.’ – James

Not only does James showcase each step of the development process in beautifully expressive and informative sketches, he also created samples to wear test his concept. As you may know by now, i’m a huge fan of getting your hands dirty as a designer and going the extra mile to ensure your concept fulfills every need and ticks all the right boxes.

James does a great job of exploring every avenue while creating some extremely innovative and aesthetic looking football boots. I only wish he’d have finished up the project with some well laid out, beauty product shots, as I think this concept would have been noticed a lot earlier by people that may be able to help him turn this into a reality (or at least explore it further).

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[highlight] Can you tell us little about yourself? [/highlight]

– I have always been involved in sporting and outdoor activities and have aspired to work within a related design field. I studied Transport Design at Northumbria University in Newcastle, England for four years. During that time I was able to expand my design knowledge and to develop my practical skills.

Whilst on placement at Xenophya Design (a Motorcycle design consultancy) I was able to work on an electric superbike concept and increase my understanding of many aspects of design. It also gave me an insight to the challenges faced within an increasingly competitive industry.

Currently I am working for Brasher as a Junior Footwear Designer. I was lucky enough to start before I graduated from University. This opportunity has helped me develop my understanding of manufacturing processes and commercial awareness. I have worked on several projects which I hope to publish soon on my coroflot page. 

[highlight] What inspired this project? [/highlight]

– This project was inspired by a series of observations and my own injury experiences. I have always had a passion for football and concept design. I wanted to take what I had learnt from studying automotive design and see what I could do. Unfortunately it was only a short project as part of my degree, but I would like to re-visit it in the future. Watch this space.

[highlight]  What is your favorite feature of the concept? [/highlight]

– My favourite feature is the idea of taking different elements from player’s equipment and combining them with techniques and benefits from other areas. With the aim of incorporating them into something which, reduced a players chance of sustaining an injury

Check out the in-depth development, below.