Jabari Parker Concept | Brett Golliff

Always love seeing what Brett’s been getting up to over on his website, or blogs he contributes to. One of the most impressive things to me, aside from the beautiful attention to detail, design and story telling, are that his presentations are always on point. This is yet another prime example of how important having a high level of graphic design knowledge is to product designers. Understanding how to make clean, balanced and exciting layouts that add to your design can’t be understated.

Anyway, I don’t want to just straight up gank this feature from Complex, so if you want to know about the many details of this concept, head here. I 100% recommend you check it out –

Aesthetically, the shoe is sharp but rigid, light but dominant. It shows forward movement to match the optimistic outlook Jabari has on life. It features details and materials that meet the exact specifications of the greatest athlete ever. It hones in on every specific detail that is Jabari’s game, thus allowing him to manipulate his competitors to playing his game.

The JP12 is a blending of science and nature with a dominant heritage. It provides a strong foundation for Jabari Parker to take flight into his NBA career.













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