Nike ISPA Modifies Their Drifter Gator

Nike’s techy scavenger inspired line, ISPA recently debuted their Drifter Gator in two new colour options, with an added extendable parachute style gator to help protect against a multitude of weather conditions.

In this articulation, the gator deploys like a parachute. Wrapped around the leg, the gator forms a near weightless, protective layer to guard against the foes of winter cycling and on-foot commuting: dirt, splashes, rain. Once you arrive safely inside, pack the gator back up and proceed.
The sole, as on the original Drifter, is built with a lightweight, supple foam compound that includes regrind Nike ZoomX foam — a key component of Nike’s fast marathon shoes. The shoe’s upper shifts from a split toe design to a hearty full toe form to provide stability and prevent abrasion.

Below you can see a break-down of how to engage the shoes gator function, as well as some images of the final Drifter Gator silhouette.

Mr. Bailey

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