Isn’t everything about sharing ?

I wanted to share with you guys 10 things I have found interesting or inspiring over the past month !

They aren’t all related to footwear but I hope it gives you an insight into what inspires my creative process.


1. Best thing I have watched : 
Travis Scott – Look Mom I Can Fly Documentary


2. Favourite discovery : 
Adobe Capture App


3. Best book : 
Tribal and Ethnic Footwear of the world by W. B. Habraken


4. Restaurant recommendation / Best food : 
Parking Pizza, Barcelona


Inspiring Person :
Greta Thuberg with this video Nature Now


6. Colour Inspiration: 
Thomas Trum


7. Favourite song :
 The XX –  Intro


8. Gallery visit : 
De Pont – Late Thursdays Bernard Frieze


9. Favourite Shoes innovation :

3D Woven Shoe by Brooks Hagan and recent grads Claire Harvey and Emily Holtzman


10. Exciting knitting research done by Ines Sistiaga

Suzanne Oude Hengel

Creative entrepreneur, Knit researcher, Footwear innovator and Technician @textielmuseum

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