“ISDKV Record” AR footwear Concept By Ilyas Darakchiev

Footwear Designer, Ilyas Darakchiev recently shared his “ISDKV Record” footwear project, a design inspired by Nike’s Air Zoom Alphafly Next% worn by Eliud Kipchoge, with the added element of augmented reality.

The concept features super aggressive looking sole unit, with a front and heel section that jutt out and loop back together to create an open space at the mid-foot of the midsole. After creating the concept in 3D Ilyas managed to experiment with a tracking system to have the shoe “attach” to his feet in AR (which you can see in the video below).

“This is my 3rd personal project of digital shoes. And 1st one which I shown in augmented reality video. Actually, I have to say that it’s not real time AR, it’s pre-recorded video with added CGI. But as for me, result looks quite interesting. And future possibilities are great.” – Ilyas

Below you can see the design and digital process of Ilyas’s “ISDKV Record” AR footwear Concept.



Geplaatst door Ilyas Darakchiev op Vrijdag 8 mei 2020

Geplaatst door Ilyas Darakchiev op Vrijdag 8 mei 2020
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