Is No.One the Future of Footwear?

Yesterday No.One announced that their second style, the beautifully crafted Bravo, featuring Italian Pony Hair, is now available for the limited few.

I was lucky enough to have been sent a pair (S/O to Mark & Jimmy), 1 of only 18 being produced I might add, and I can assure you that these are everything they’re being made out to be.
I was advised to wear them without socks, so I could better feel the French Plong√© lambskin lining beneath my feet (which is exactly what I did yesterday) and as the homie Salehe put it, they felt like butter that had been left out and just kept on getting softer. The use of high quality materials, like the Poron Memory Foam footbed and veg tan leather sat on top of the classic German Army inspired outsole, not only mean the shoes are super cozy, but that they also won’t smell after a few barefoot escapades.

All gushing aside, another aspect I love about this brand is it’s Hyper-localised production. It’s a term I’ve used a fair amount in describing what I believe to be the future of footwear manufacturing, especially for indy brands. Though it sounds like a fairly futuristic term, and depending on the technologies and manufacturing methods being utilized, it can have that connotation, but the true nature of hyper-locality goes back hundreds, if not thousands of years. That’s just how shit used to be done, when a pair of shoes were built correctly and meant to last you a for a good amount of time.

Being a direct-to-consumer, independent footwear brand that produces their footwear by hand in LA, No.One epitomizes the contemporary, hyper-local movement. They’re fully in touch with their product and consumer, from start to finish, which affords them greater QC, and freedom to produce how and when they choose to (#noseason) which in-turn allows them to be more agile and maneauver quicker than their larger counterparts.

This is the future of footwear.


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