Today I’m excited to introduce something we’ve been wanting to implement for quite some time, our CONTRIBUTORS page. I’m not sure if you remember a time when HYPEBEAST used to have its own contributor style page, filled with super interesting creators from all corners of the industry, sharing their day-to-day activities and giving a unique behind-the-scenes look at their lives. Honeyee has something similar also, with everyone from Virgil Abloh and KAWS to Pharrell and Nigo. We thought it was about time we had something similar, but more specific to the footwear industry.

The emergence of social media, specifically Instagram, has given us more of a glimpse into the lives of creatives than ever before. It doesn’t however, go much deeper than a couple of beautifully curated images. There’s also the ever important “feed narrative”, where sometimes those gritty factory shots just don’t sit well with how your feed looks. Well, this is a place for you to see a more in-depth look into the thoughts and processes behind their products development, the traveling involved, the frustrations and the triumphs, and most importantly, those gritty low-light factory shots, from some of the footwear industries most innovative creators.

We couldn’t be happier with the list we’ve curated, which we’ll be adding to periodically. As we’re just launching, a lot of the feeds won’t have too much content just yet, but make sure to stick around as the start to fill up. We’ll let you know via our Instagram account when someone has something new up, or you can head straight to the CONTRIBUTORS page to see for yourself, profiles that posted recently will be positioned at the top.

Check out the new page here.

Here’s a brief intro to our first 10 CONTRIBUTORS:

Alexander Taylor

Industrial design / Creative direction & Innovation consultancy.

Alexander Taylor and his team are responsible for some of the biggest innovations in footwear in the past decade. From knitted uppers to milled leaher, Alexander Taylor and his work with adidas have had a huge impact of the footwear industry.

Mark Gainor

No.One Founder/Designer

Former Creative Director at NATIVE and current Founder of the shoe brand and LA atelier, No.One, Mark’s been involved with some of the industries most sought after footwear over recent years.

Salehe Bembury

Head of Sneakers at Versace

Recently named Head of Sneakers at Versace, former YEEZY & GREATS designer, Salehe Bembury adds his super unigue take on footwear via the CONTRIBUTORS platform. Stay tuned for updates on his personal projects as well as his travels across the globe.

Jeremy Sallee

Founder of Freeman Plat & Design Director at Ralph Lauren

Newly appointed Ralph Lauren Design Director and Founder of Freeman Plat, footwear designer and trailblazer  Jeremy Sallee offers a unique look at the life of an independantbrand owner as well as directing the design of a legendary fashion house.

Brandblack / Santa Ana

Brandblack Founder David Raysse & Creative Director Billy Dill

David & Billy, are the creative minds behind the super disruptive performance brand Brandblack, as well as the newly found Santa Ana design agency. Stay up-to-date on their latest innovations and design agency goings on.

David Mawdsley

The Footwear Composer

Previously the driving force behind the Manchester based footwear brand Akio, David specialises in innovative, luxury and lifestyle design, as well as being an integral part of the ConeptKicks team. In pursuit of inspiring and educating the next generation, stay tuned for regular updates of his unique perspective on the footwear industry.

Javier Laval

Android Homme Founder/Designer

Javier’s impact on the footwear industry is undeniable. Aside from being the founder and designer of the uber succesful footwear brand Android Homme, Javier always has time to spread his sage advice and help fellow creatives reach their potential.

Omar Bailey

Omar Bailey Footwear Founder/Designer

Former Timberland footwear designer and Founder of his eponymous footwear brand Omar Bailey. From creating one of a kind bespoke footwear to designing and developing sneakers for some of the largest brands on the planet, Omar is and has been involved in almost every corner of the industry.

Brett Golliff

Designer | Blogger | Footwear Extraordinaire

Super talented footwear designer and current GE automobile designer, Brett Golliff
has never been someone to shy away from voicing his inredibly insightful opinion on all corners of the footwear design realm.

Mr. Bailey

Product Designer | Footwear Architect | ConceptKicks Founder

From continuing to build this platform, to working on products for clients, as well as birthing a few personal footwear projects myself, I plan on giving a more in-depth look into the philosophy, design and development behind my work.



END. Clothing

Mr. Bailey

Product Designer + Footwear Architect | Founder of @ConceptKicks |

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  • Kyra Markosian - 3 years ago

    Not a single woman? Seriously?

    • MrBailey - 3 years ago

      Totally agree, we want to have some female contributors asap. We actually have some super talented women in mind and have reached out to see if they would be interested. Hopefully you’ll see them on here soon!

      • Kyra Markosian - 3 years ago

        Cool, I’m looking forward to that!