Interview with Bijon Studio

I’ve been following Bijon Studio pretty closely for quite some time now.
It’s always interesting seeing new brands mould, transform and change over the seasons.
Bijon Studio have executed at a super high level, straight out of the gate. From footwear that has an interesting play of sharp and organic lines, to beautifully curated and styled photography, everything is on point. For anyone that’s currently putting products out onto the market place, it can only be massivley inspiring to watch these guys create in the way they do.

So with all that being said, an interview seemed well over due.
Below we get a look at how these guys got into footwear in the first place, how they see the brand and a glimpse of whats to come.

Check out our interview with Bijon Studio, below.


Focus on bringing something different to the table. This doesn’t necessarily have to be design as most might assume, so long as your brand has its own voice. – Bijon Studio



CK: Can you tell us a little about yourselves?

BS: In a nutshell, Bijon Studio is a collective of individuals who have a similar interest in fashion and, in this case particularly, footwear. We come from various backgrounds spanning design, marketing, and operations. Some of us were already entrepreneurs, and some of us came from working within other upcoming brands. All in all, each one of us brings something valuable to the team and makes this all possible.
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CK: How did you all get into footwear?

BS: Footwear was a common interest that we had to begin with, even before we all knew each other. Some of us are long-time sneaker heads that were into SB’s and Jordan’s, while some of us got into the culture more recently with higher-end brands such as Common Projects or Rick Owens.
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CK: What made you want to start Bijon Studio?

BS: We wanted to start Bijon Studio because we felt that there weren’t many brands doing contemporary sneakers catered to the mid-tier luxury market. We know what you’re thinking – that sounds like a very generic answer; however, we feel our brand bridges the gap between high-end contemporary sneakers and the more affordable, street-style-centric brands. It’s everything we’ve personally ever wanted out of a sneaker brand.
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CK: Your level of execution and curation of imagery is impressive, how have you managed to execute at such a high level right out of the gate?

BS: All of us on the team are fans of brands that create compelling/interesting content. Going into content creation for ourselves, we held ourselves to the same, if not higher, standards. On our feed you’ll see content created by ourselves as well as with select influencers internationally.
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CK: It’s refreshing to see a brand create their own unique tooling, do you have more planned for the future, or will you build on this unit for the forseeable future?

BS: Creating our own unique tooling was something we were adamant about achieving going into the design of the Regina’s. We saw many brands coming into the market utilizing existing tooling, and we thought this was something that had to be different about Bijon Studio. More are definitely planned for the future, but the one we’ve created thus far will be a staple of the brand for some time.
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CK: Why are you putting another shoe on the shelf?

BS: We don’t feel there’s any harm in giving the market more options to choose from. What we’re against is putting out a product that is basically a replica of existing shoes.

CK: What has been the hardest part about creating you own footwear brand?

BS: The hardest part about creating your own footwear brand is working tirelessly to ensure your design and standards of quality are being met by the manufacturer. This is why we ensure we are working face-to-face with our manufacturers to expedite this process and to build a solid foundational relationship with them. Everything we do is deliberate and calculated – we know it takes years to build a brand but only one small mistake to break it. We can only sell something that we would personally stand behind.

CK: What do you know now that you wish you’d have known at the beginning?

BS: There’s nothing we really wish we would have known at the beginning! We are constantly learning and trying to grow from the opportunities we are given.

CK: Can you describe Bijon in 3 words?

BS: Conceptual, adaptable, and experimental.
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CK: Do you have any advice to anyone trying to start their own footwear brand?

BS: Our advice to anyone trying to start their own footwear brand is to focus on bringing something different to the table. This doesn’t necessarily have to be design as most might assume, so long as your brand has its own voice. All in, it may be a longer process, but it will be one that will be worthwhile in the long-run.



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