Interview: Sneakerology Course x Elliott Curtis

Yeah that’s right, there is a college accredited course in sneakers, it’s called Sneakerology and it’s being brought to you by my man, Elliott Curtis. Having just taught a class in NYC on the 27th, I asked Elliott a couple questions about the course, what they teach and how to get involved, check out the interview, below.

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[highlight] What made you want to start the Sneakerology course? [/highlight]

I started the class with my buddy Jesse back at Carnegie Mellon in the Spring of 2008. There is a program at CMU called the Student College that allows individuals to teach fellow students topics that are not currently offered by the university. Given our love of kicks and sneaker culture exploding into the mainstream, we figured it was time to give credit where credit was due by devoting an entire curriculum to the subject.
Using Bobbito Garcia’s book “Where’d You get Those” as our unofficial textbook, we made it happen.

[highlight] What types of things will be covered in the course? [/highlight]

The full Sneakerology class is still being offered at CMU, and that curriculum includes footwear history in relation to pop culture, brand beginnings, the story of Air Jordan, footwear design and manufacturing, notorious marketing campaigns and endorsement deals, and more. With such a wide variety of students at CMU, we wanted to create a class that had a little something for everybody.
Through the revolutionary new website Skillshare, I will be able to provide these lectures outside of university walls and in various cities across the country.
So far, I have given the initial lecture “From Chucks to Cha-Ching” in Boston and New York, and I have been very pleased with both the turnout and response.
This presentation delves into the roots of the footwear industry when sneakers were just a way for rubber companies to utilize excess rubber all the way up to the time when Michael Jordan was considering leaving Nike after his second signature model.
Needless to say, we cover a lot of ground!

[highlight] Where can you enroll & when does it start? [/highlight]

As of right now the next class is TBD, but by subscribing to me as a teacher on you will be notified of any upcoming session I have planned for Sneakerology.
Other than that, you can check out the class at Carnegie Mellon each Spring.

[highlight] Will it be a re-occurring class? [/highlight]

I am working with Skillshare to increase the breadth of the class, so hopefully I will be able to offer each lecture multiple times, and then add additional lectures to the offering so attendees can come back for more!