Interview – Hikmet Sugoer of Solebox Berlin

We recently had the opportunity to ask Hikmet Sugoer of Solebox, Berlin a few questions. Solebox has got to be one of, if not the, prime sneaker location in whole of Germany, and has been around for quite some time now. Check out what the sneaker connoisseur, vintage car collector and Solebox store owner, Hikmet has to say about how he got into sneakers in the first place, what he thinks about thinks about the general knowledge of a sneaker head and much more, below.


[highlight] How did you first get into footwear? [/highlight]

As a kid. I did not had the money to buy me trainers. And it seems this triggered my passion and desire for trainers.

[highlight] How is the sneaker head culture out in Berlin? [/highlight]

What is a sneaker head? I guess many people claim themself as heads, but there are not many out there.
Berlin sneaker culture is pretty mixed. Demanding performance/techy stuff, basketball silhouettes, 90s running, casual and off course vintage.

[highlight] How do you feel about the general level of knowledge of the avg. sneaker head? (What actually goes into creating the shoes they love; the design, sampling, manufacturing processes etc…) [/highlight]

There is a new generation of “sneaker heads”.  Knowing a lot about release dates of retros and resell values. But at the same time a good feeling for colorways and materials.
What many do not know how it works behind the scenes. Sadly it is not all so easy as it seems. If we would make decisions on our own without any rules and frames given by brands, be sure we would make far other things.

[highlight] How do you feel about the current state of footwear design? [/highlight]

I am missing a bit innovation in the lifestyle segment. Brands should rethink about their hard separation of performance and lifestyle products. Why not use technical innovation in lifestyle?

[highlight] What are your personal favorite pair of shoes ever designed and why? [/highlight]

I loved the “Adidas One” . Sadly it had some problems. But I want to see more next gen on shoes. Let us see the selflacing Nike Mag.

[highlight] What do you think makes a good shoe? [/highlight]

All shoes are good. Always a point of view.



[highlight] Do you have any advice to young footwear designers? [/highlight]

Get rid of given frames. Forget all rules. Do not look to the left and right, look straight ahead. Then start from scratch.