Archived Interview | Feit Co-Owner Josh Price

This interview was done back in 2012. Since then CK has managed to grow significantly, as have FEIT. With some great interviews lined up in the coming weeks, I thought it would be kind of cool to re-hash a couple older interviews that you may not have seen –

I recently had the chance to run a couple questions by the owners of one of my favorite footwear brands, FEIT. Founded by brothers, Josh & Tull Price in 2005, FEIT was created to place high quality, hand made footwear into a market that was sorely lacking in that particular area. Check out what Josh has to say about why they started the brand, what his personal favorite shoes are, what advice he has to young up-starts, and much more, below.


Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you first got into design & hand making shoes?


My brother Tull handles all the design. He had an idea for sneakers without laces, and started a brand called Royal Elastics in 1996. After leaving Royal he went and learnt traditional shoemaking, primarily in Italy.


“Learn as much as you can from as many different places as possible.”


What made you want to start your own brand?


We started FEIT as a reaction to the mass produced, low quality product that dominates the market.


What are your most favourite pair of shoes ever designed?


I love the Nike Air Max BW and our own PNTHA Hi.


How would you describe FEIT in three words?


All natural, hand made. Is that 4….


What inspires you when designing your next shoe?


We are inspired and influenced by the materials and constructions we can use, and a drive to create something unique and great quality.


What do you think makes a good shoe?


Quality materials and construction.


“Learning a lot is part of the process.”



What do you know now that you wished you’d have known when you first started?


On the one hand, heaps of things, and nothing on the other. Learning a lot is part of the process.


How do you balance the design side and the business side of having a shoe brand?


We feel that one feeds the other. We focus on design, construction and materials in the hope that what results speaks to people, and, therefore, aids the business side.


Do you have any advice to young designers looking to follow in your footsteps?


Learn as much as you can from as many different places as possible. Not limit yourself to any particular thing.




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