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The future has arrived, and it’s come in the form of neoprene booties and camo colour ways. We recently reached out to a brand that has really caught our interest as of late; ASIF footwear. From the shoes themselves, to their mind-set and business model, everything about ASIF Footwear is super innovative and forward thinking. I just love the attention to detail and the mix of materials, the mind-set is also something I can truly appreciate; ignoring the traditional development/fashion model and maintaining a focus on creating great products –

Led by legendary visual artist, founder of Creative Recreation and true originator of the Lifestyle Footwear category – Rich Cofinco, also known as ‘Rich One’ together with designer/photographer and communications visionary, Nate Harvey, also known as ‘Res,’ the ASIF project is a creative release which embodies a new direction in brand concept and deviates from traditional footwear commerce. Instead of pacing their output in the seasonal release paradigm long employed by the fashion footwear market, the brand will instead continuously release limited quantities of new models including artisan apparel and accessories every month in an exclusively online forum. Not only does this product release model keep a perpetual focus on innovation and design, it also provides ASIF with a shortened and flexible design – to – consumer timeline. The online -focus of ASIF’s distribution allows the brand to offer innovative, limited edition product at a more cost – effective price point than it could otherwise.
Simply put, ASIF is footwear’s answer to the question, “What is the future of the footwear industry?” The brand’s concept ensures that they will remain that answer for many years to come.

Could you tell us a little about yourselves?

R1: I represent Consumer-art-ism…the ability to create consumer art as products.

Res: I am a propagator of the ASIF brand of futurism.




Why did you start ASIF?

R1: To give our consumers an opportunity to see the future.


ZUS - Black Leather



What are your sources of inspiration for the brand?

R1: Surivivalism, Multi purpose adaptation, Technical integration for future environments

Res: The idea that we are designing tools and gear to adapt to an environment that has yet to be created or discovered. Example: How lightweight does a shoe have to be when humanity is colonizing another planets that have 2x-3x more gravity than our current earth?  We designed our holiday releases with that in mind. The shoes range from 5.5oz – 9.5oz ULTRA-LIGHT!  ULTRA-COMFORTABLE!





How have you used your past experience to help push ASIF forward?

R1: Sometimes past experiences are too forward….its all about timing

Res: As people, we pull from the knowledge we have learned to make the correct choices now, in hopes of creating a better future. As futurist, you have to truly believe and trust in your imagination. Our curiosity will lead us to problems that don’t yet have solutions. Our imagination will find ways to solve those problems combining the past knowledge and new ideas.



How have you aligned your business model with your futurist design aesthetic and overall brand ethos? (Innovative, modern etc…)

R1: Our program is experimental so our business model will follow suit. Wherever our products take us will let us know the acceptance of future projects.

Res: We are trying to disrupt the Goliath’s of the world. They are stale, they are slow, they are fixed in their way.
1. Our development time from concept to release is 4-9 months
2. We sale directly to the customer, so we have finer materials for a lower price point
3. We have paired with like-minded manufactures who want to push industry forward
4. This first run is hand made
5. We release every month without seasons. So, we are free to design and release whatever we want when ever we want.




Where do you see the brand in the near future?

R1: Universally understood


Which out of your current styles was the most challenging to develop and why?

R1: I don’t think our styles were challenging to develop, I think our objective was to utilize past and current technologies and make them practical for future usage.

Where do the names for your shoes come from?

R1: Galaxy quadrants
Res: if you check the universal Tour Tee it’s a map of the galaxy (boxed in by our logo) and the “tour cities” are the brightest solar system coordinates.


Can you describe ASIF in 3 words?

R1: Foresee the future

What is the future of the footwear industry?

R1: Open opportunities for growth in all genres….a universal palette that caters to individuality.

Res: The traditional formula and timeline for creating and selling any product or service is changing extremely fast.  The footwear industry is no exception. You see a lot of exceptional small brands disrupting the big guys. I love that! Evolve or face extinction.

Any advice to young futurists trying to create their own brand?

R1: Archives from the past are virtual tools to see the future because those archives were once futuristic.

Res: Recreating the same shoe makes you a dinosaur. don’t be a dinosaur.

Mr. Bailey

Product Designer + Footwear Architect | Founder of @ConceptKicks |

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