Interlocking ‘Nike Foam’ Soles | Etienne Bougeot

This Nike Foam concept by Etienne Bougeot, is a super interesting solution for a problem that’s been seemingly over looked for years –

Everybody has experienced that frustrating moment when you put extra shoes in your bag for a journey or after the gym session.

You find yourself holding them above your travel bag wondering how can I take them without ruining both my clothes and bag?

With that insight I started to think about the issues which led me to bring solutions through a 3 day workshop. Nike foam is one of the answers to avoid those worries. – Etienne

It appears that the solution that Etienne and his fellow cohorts have come up with, are to create two separate outsole tread patterns for the left and right shoes that interlock with each other, sort of like lego pieces, keeping the dirty tread soles out of harms way.

I really love the whole way of thinking, and cost aside (individual moulds, individual costs), think it could also be used in a lot of ways outside of just this idea. Think sneaker heads that don’t have certain shoe boxes but want to keep their pairs together, perhaps it could even be the starting point of an entirely new, streamlined way for a factory to store their shoes off of the production line, or for brands to transport footwear without boxes…who knows.

Either way, check out Etienne’s concept, below –








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