Instant Shoes by Pavla Podsednikova

Using a combination of 3D printing, ABS vacuum shaping & carbon fiber lamination, designer Pavla Podsednikova created this insane shoe concept collection called, ‘Instant Shoes’ for here final thesis. Trying to create bespoke, form fitting footwear for women, Pavla has used modern technologies to generate footwear that can be individualized to fit each user’s unique form –

 “In the times of mass-production of everyday items, I feel the need to find a way back to their customization and individualization.” – Pavla

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Footprint 6

photo by Tomas Mikule

Walking carbon

photo by Tomas Mikule

Vacuum step 3

photo by Tomas Mikule

Footprint 5

photo by Tomas Mikule

Vacuum step 2

photo by Tomas Mikule

Vacuum step 1

foto by Tomas Mikule