Ike Ahn – Demian 2013 Handmade Shoes (Updated)

Designed and built by Ike Ahn, these Demain shoes were the winning project of a shoe competition sponsored by SHOE POLYTECHINIQUE. Ike has used some really interesting design details, drawing inspiration from sport shoes and tailoring them to a more casual/dress shoe. Ike has done a great job of bringing his designs to life with his hand-made samples, check out the development of the project, below.

[highlight] Can you tell us a little about yourself? [/highlight]

I am a Parsons graduated menswear designer, born in Seoul, Korea.
I moved to USA When I was sixteen, and went to high school in Houston, Texas.
This collection is about my high school year in America, the moment when I was in between boy and the adult. By mixing the basketball shoes which I used to wear in my boyhood with the father’s tuxedo shoes, I came up with this Avant Garde style of shoes collection.

[highlight] What inspired this project? [/highlight]

The ‘Demian’ is a novel written by Herman Hesse, and It is about how a boy grows up. I read this novel in my high school era. Because this book deeply impressed, and influenced in my teenage, I name this collection as ‘Demian’

[highlight] What was your favorite feature of this project? [/highlight]

While I designed and made the shoes, I really enjoyed the sample making process with the professional shoe maker.