Hypebeast Discusses Textiles with byBorre (Video)

Although this video isn’t necessarily about footwear in-particular, textile is of-course the base of all clothing, footwear included. I’m also massively inspired by the innovative, cradle to cradle textile production, that the folks over at byBorre are creating.

If you look at any of the super innovative developments in footwear (and clothing in general) in recent years, it’s all based with textiles and materials. Alexander Taylor Studio, for example, are helping to create some of the most innovative and beautiful footwear right now, and the base of that comes directly from innovating the way in which we use and develop material and textiles in the production process. This is also exactly what byBorre is doing.

In the short video we get a quick glimpse into the mind of the man behind byBorre, Borre Akkersdijk. From what textile means to him to how he’s exploring and helping create to create a new world, you can see the video in-full, below.

Via – Hypebeast


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