Hypebeast: Booting Around | Nike ‘The Wall’ by Dongwoo Shin

Hypebeast just ran a peice where they imagined what a signature Nike football cleat would look like for Belgian goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois, and they enlisted the help of talented designer, Dongwoo Shin –

The design of “The Wall” includes elements of the Magista and Flyknit but bringing these two elements alone would not have had the necessary durability. Therefore, the boot combines more traditional materials where the ball is in contact with most but the rest is constructed with Flyknit technology to create that balance. When considering the variety of goalkeeping movements, one could point out they’re often seen going to ground (in a good way) in both match and training situations. With this in mind, the boot incorporates a strong heel clip that supports the keeper during ground impact when plucking balls from crosses or clawing away a freekick destined for the top corner. Furthermore, it is the tiny details that make this boot perfect for goalkeepers — the raised heel ensures they are on their toes and the extra studs on the lateral side helps to produce quicker sideways movements. – Hypebeast

Congrats to Dongwoo for getting his work out there on such a massive platform like Hypebeast. It’s always great when an audience unfamiliar with footwear design get a glimpse at something like this.








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