Honey Soles | Transform your shoes. Forget the socks.

One of the most interesting aspects for me when creating a shoe, is seeing how people take that shoe and make it their own. What trousers they decide to wear with them, how they lace the shoes, what socks they wear with them, if any at all. Honey Soles is looking to rid the use of socks with their natural cork insoles, which essentially wick sweat away and a prevent hideous odor from forming. The insoles are also designed with a beautiful ‘grooved’ design to prevent movement inside the shoe, and have an open cell foam at the forefoot to absorb any excess vapor (not sure what that is, but it sounds pretty legit).

I’ve worn sneakers without socks before, and the smell that emanates from them now is straight up rancid, so I definitely welcome anything that would help alleviate that. It’s something that also allows consumers to wear your designs in new ways (and also give a bit more focus to the shoe), so that of course, is also welcome.

You can check out the full Honey Soles story over on Kickstarter.


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