Hindrance | Elia Pirazzo

Hindrance is a beautifully executed project by Italian designer, Elia Pirazzo. A personal and school project, Elia set about designing a new concept for Havaianas.

“The main idea, and the thread of the entire work, was to create a new slipper which could give more comfort and safety to the user. After the studies we analyzed that often flip-flops are not ergonomic and because of their distinctive shape, leaving the toes (uncovered), among them the big toe, it increased the risk of tripping and getting hurt.

For these reasons, Hindrance is equipped with a new string that embraces the sole, making the slipper more rigid at the base. This encourages a more secure fit and protection for the big toe.

The user can also chose to change the sole in case of wear. This is possible thanks to the string made of durable and elastic rubber, and to its pin that can be slipped through the hole located in the sole.” – Elia

A sleekly designed form that’s directly created out of a functional need is always a more valid, and beautiful thing. The sleek arms that reach back from the protective toe create such a unique, clean and smooth looking slipper. The removable sole is also a nice touch (I would have loved to have seen a rendering of how that is supposed to function though).

Check out Elia’s beautifully designed and rendered project, below.












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  • Philippe Holthuizen - 5 years ago

    Kind of disappointing that there is not 1 picture/rendering of the sandal on a foot… -_-