Highsnobiety Talks adidas x Hender Scheme Collab

Highsnobiety recently published a great interview detailing the collaboration between adidas and Hender Scheme with Senior Design Director at adidas Originals, Erman Aykurt and Hender Scheme founder, Ryo Kashiwazaki.

Tbh, it’s not like Hender Scheme really needed the collab, they were kind of collaborting unofficially anyway, but it is refreshing to see such a large brand like adidas both accept and embrace what Ryo has been doing with Hender Scheme’s interpretive styles.
Part of that acceptance on adi’s part im sure relies on the fact that Hender Scheme’s footwear is both creatively executed and expertly crafted, something adidas, being a ‘German engineered’ brand, can only appreciate.

I’ve pasted a small section of the interview below, for the full article head to Highsnobiety.


HS: First, what does this collaboration achieve that would have otherwise been impossible?

Erman Aykurt: On the adidas side, we came together because of a desire to work in a more hands-on way, and embrace a real creator culture. Having a role model like Ryo-san who works through the construction of a new silhouette like the NMD, gave us a lot of cues and insight on how a traditional craftsman would approach the construction of a shoe like that. That was really beneficial. Both brands explore the idea of past and future, and try to bring iconic features to life, with different manufacturing techniques.

Ryo Kashiwazaki: Although the two brands work on different scales of business, and the process is different, I feel that Hender Scheme and adidas have a lot in common.


HS: From the three, which are you most proud of? Which was the hardest to realize?

Erman Aykurt: For me, the Micro Pacer is that one. It marks such an expression of technology from the past, and it’s something that is at the core of our design language explorations. Seeing that built in vegetable-tanned leather is amazing to me.

Ryo Kashiwazaki: The stabilizer in the NMD, this required a difficult technique. Something like this stabilizer has never existed for leather shoes.

Erman Aykurt: I’ve been working on footwear for 20 years, but hearing Ryo-san explain why he uses which leather for which part of the shoe is more than I could ever wish for from a teacher.

Ryo Kashiwazaki: I was also very inspired when I visited adidas, they have a big archive and a long, long history. Hender Scheme only started eight years ago. The history of adidas impresses me, I feel that adidas learns from their past, to invent something new. This is fascinating.

For the full interview, head here.




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