HenderScheme’s Transforming ‘Samidare’ Style

I admit looking a little sideways at HenderScheme when I saw their first ‘homage’ sneakers. Essentially they just take existing, famous silhouettes and produce them in premium leather. The one thing Henderscheme has always done though, and therefore skillfully balancing on the right side of the line between homage and a rip off, is execute in a beautiful and innovative manner.
Henderscheme shoes are far more then just rip offs. Which is evident immediately if you look the thought that’s gone into the construction, branding and packaging. The brand has a lot of creativity.
Their latest silhouette being perhaps their best way of showing the world just how creative they are. Dubbed the ‘Samidare’, they’ve constructed a sole with what I can only assume has some type of lip running across the midsole. A super interesting boot upper can be attached and removed (see the video below), revealing a low cut, clean business style shoe underneath.
Looking at the shoe, I still think there are a couple design elements that could be executed a little better, but the functionality and construction is inspired.

16ss post modern ”samidare” color:black/white/gray @henderscheme

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