Hang it – Wooden Shoes by Tal Weinreb

I feel like it’s my duty to not only show you beautifully sketches, renderings and samples, but to also show the more wacky and ‘out-side the box’ type stuff… exhibit A: Hang it – Wooden Shoes designed by Tal Weinreb and displayed by two very excited looking models. Made from Walnut wood, gold coated brass & silver, and developed using a CNC machine, 3D printing & casting, Tal has created some super unique and innovative wooden shoes –

‘My inspiration for finding storage methods  came from observing “the shakers” storing techniques that hang their unused furniture on the walls.
The advance manufacture techniques used are opposing the simple, basic and formal language of materials coming from “the shakers” world.
The shoes are hanging on the wall in segments. Taking the parts down, assembling and closing the model makes the whole.’ – 
Check out more of Tal’s incredibly inspiring work, after the jump.