Hand Crafted Shoes – Nicholas Maloy

These beautifully hand crafted shoes (pics below) are brought to you by NY based footwear design Nicholas Maloy. It’s always great to see the designers get their own hands dirty and actually make a sample of their design, especially when it comes out as nice as this. Here’s what Nick has to say about them;

“At this point in time there is a plethora of product on the market that is mass produced. The whole culture of the footwear design and production has moved from small local shops to large oversees factories. When I buy a pair of shoes, I don’t have any clue who made them and how they are made. At the same time the factory workers have no knowledge of who the end client is. The design is never solely catered to the individual and lacks character.
This is where a few left over bespoke shoemakers should be able to fill in the gaps. But doing my research I found that those skillful craftsmen don’t always have the knowledge of current trends on the market outside of their shops. They are amazing at what they do, but they are rarely true designers. Their last shapes and uppers haven’t really changed in decades.
As a creative designer I wanted to go through the process of designing and crafting a pair of shoes from sketch concept to finished product all on my own. In footwear design, depending on your responsibilities, you might be lucky enough to take your design from sketch concept to developing it with your company’s factory or agent. You never have to lift a finger to see your idea come to life, and here you lose some control over sensibility of the product.
I took a shoemaking class to learn the proper pattern making, lasting, and soling techniques. From there I designed and crafted my first shoe in my living room. The inspiration for design direction came from the old world crafting techniques and application of them to modern constructions and lasts with current streetwear culture and trends in mind. The shoes have a ruggedy, crafted feel to them that you can not get on a mass production line, something I really enjoy and respect in this type of product.
The process definitely takes time. Overall it takes between 30-40 hours to complete so patience is a great virtue to have here. I think the trickiest part is being able to find space in an NYC apartment to get this done – I don’t have a shop or studio space so everything happens in my living room.
Now I have a few people that want me to design and craft shoes for them so it is going to stay on a small scale to keep the character and the feel. i am also branching out in other areas of leather work with some other product manipulation – leather stretched bicycle frame for example.
If you are interested you can email me at nick.maloy@gmail.com concerning any of the leather crafted products and possible collaborations – I like to jump out of the box and do something new.” – Nick Maloy