Grown, Not Made | Sam Whitworth

Industrial Designer, Sam Whitworth has been “growing” sole units.

With the help of a few plug-ins, Sam’s essentially created algorithms for growing sole units in Grasshopper –

“The focus of my “Grown, Not Made” models is for the structures to be self assembling. This means that as the designer I create 3 things:

1. The form I want the structure to fill (midsoles in this case.)

2. The code that defines the growth rules the structure will follow. I do this using Grasshopper and several other plug-ins, which are visual interfaces for creating algorithms, since I don’t speak any coding languages.

3. The numerical inputs for the algorithm.

Hopefully, I can manipulate these elements skillfully enough to implement designs that mimic nature’s inherent beauty and function.” – Sam

You can see some of Sam’s sole growing experiments, below.


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