Growing Objects via Artisanal Bio-Mimetic Provocation | Sruli Recht

These coral boots, made with “combinations of discredited Calcium, co-dependant Carbonate, and Magnesium-Obtanium” are both a morbid and beautifully poetic design experiment by, Sruli Recht.

This sculpture exploration directly refers to the rising of the oceans in relation to the climate crisis.
Not only does glacial melt increase the water volume and effect its salinity, like any object when it heats and expands, as the oceans warm the water swells accelerating the tidal creep.

These boots are a part of a larger series work in progress.
For these, you put your two feet in, bound together by the mesh. The front of the foot extends out the front where the shoe fades away.

You put your feet in and the ocean levels rise up while you turn into the coral.

These are shoes for drowning in.” – Sruli Recht

You can see more of the Coral Boots, as well as a poetic description of the ideology behind these grown sculptures by Sruli, below.



“I like to tease these things out.
Actually that isn’t true at all.  I like to tell nothing about anything till it is all complete and ready for an explosive entry through the black holes in your eyes.
It’s the fashion olympics, keeping it all under-wraps until the walk begins.
But here and now the experimental process takes form from the visual fractions to the visible totalities.  
Today it’s Piaget and his relentless observation of the innocent come forward into the application of mineral technique to whispers of steel.

What are you looking at exactly?
I can’t tell you yet.  
Not because I don’t want to, but because the words are not there to fill the lines. They don’t exist yet.
What I can say is, this is a technique I use to turn water solid… have it form and grow over the filament skeletons of a sculptural expression.
It’s taken 4 years to get this far in the organic precision of this specific bio-mimetic dance-move.
And since then the fire has increased, the world burns hotter, a collective flame slowly extinguished by the rising tides of an unforgiving swelling ocean.
And so, in preparation this new sunken world, a new body of work, these garments for drowning in, take permanence in the airs we share from the waters we neglect.” – Sruli Recht


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