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Looking to try and get you gliding on the dance floor like a young MJ these Groove Revolution sneakers have been designed to transform people ‘INSTANTLY by getting them OUT of rubber soles and into natural leather soles so they can release the natural joy and fun of grooving! Leather soles have been worn for 1000s of years until the boom of the 80s sneakers came into play and after that dancing has never been the same.

The design process for this project has been extremely fun and intriguing for me because I was literally one of those guys in the club that would barely move my feet because of the sneakers I wore! When Rob (Chief of Groove) and Araby (Operations/Co-Founder) came to me about the opportunity to design footwear that would literally change the world, I knew I had to be a part of it.

The start of the project was centered around the logo design because Rob wanted something that mimicked the “flow” of natural grooving so I designed what you see now as the Groove logo.

After that, I was on to creating a line of sneakers that embodied something classic, but still cool enough for the younger crowd to rock in the club scenes. We wanted sneakers and not traditional dress shoes because sneakers have the comfort! Dress shoes have the component that makes the magic happen….leather soles. Put them together and you have the Groove Revolution.’

You can pre-order your own pair on their Kickstarter page, here.








Mr. Bailey

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  • Chris B. - 6 years ago

    I just ran a successful campaign on Kickstarter for my running shoe company. I really hope you guys make it and I will be donating to the campaign. Good luck!