goyemon Creates Techy Japanese Sandals

Japanese Design company, goyemon created these “Unda” sandals, which combine both the utility of the traditional “Setta” sandal, with more of a contemporary comfort.

Invented in the 16th century, the setta is meant to be worn under poor weather conditions. Attached to the sole of the traditional footwear is a layer of leather which helps to keep the feet away from puddles and snow. (via HYPEBEAST)

This hybrid/modernized version features both cushioned footbeds and midsole “air” units. You can see some of the initial thumbnail sketches, as well as some final product shots of the “Unda” sandals, below.

https _hypebeast.com_image_2019_02_goyemon-unda-japanese-setta-release-003

https _hypebeast.com_image_2019_02_goyemon-unda-japanese-setta-release-006

https _hypebeast.com_image_2019_02_goyemon-unda-japanese-setta-release-001

https _hypebeast.com_image_2019_02_goyemon-unda-japanese-setta-release-002

https _hypebeast.com_image_2019_02_goyemon-unda-japanese-setta-release-004


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