Gemo Eco Packaging by Clémence Germain

French designer, Clémence Germain has created an incredibly interesting, ecologically minded packaging concept.

One of the biggest issues with packaging concepts is that they usually don’t take into account the fact that shoe factories will stack shoe boxes on top of each other in order to make shipping much easier. And at first, this particular packaging concept doesn’t seem like it could be very stackable. However there’s a genius little twist; four independent, complete packages can be linked together to form a fully enclosed box, 100% ready to be stacked and shipped.
Not only does this reduce the amount of material used for each pair of shoes, but also offers up some interesting new ways to display the footwear in-store.

I still think the concept could use a little more finessing. I’d be extremely cautious of placing those straps across certain types of shoes, particularly ones with more luxurious leathers that could be left indented after a long journey from the factory to the warehouse, etc…But there’s definitely an interesting concept that if tweaked could be a viable and less wasteful packaging option for the future.

You can see Clémence’s project in full, below.





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