Gabilan Gengatharan – Nike Shoe Box Concepts

Here are a couple great shoe box designs from, Gabilan Gengatharan

‘The assignment was to design two different shoeboxes for Nike. Both boxes had to be for the same shoe model, but for two different audiences. I chose to make hip-hop shoeboxes for both of my target groups; new school (age 13- 18) and old school (age 18-27).

The new school edition is for the younger generation who likes cool and fresh-looking things. The idea behind the design was how music is in the society, and which role money has for music. Most people of the younger generation are followers of the mainstream music that’s played on the radio, and that´s where the money is.

Therefore a lot of artists choose to make music that falls into that catogory, instead of making music from the heart.They do this to make more cash and reach a broader audience. That’s why I chose a money- design on the shoe box

The old school edition is meant for the more adult youth, who likes to have the design clean but with hip hop inspiration. The idea behind the design was how hip-hop started, where the boom box was a very important tool. That’s why I chose a boom box- design on the shoe box.’ – Gabilan