Fully Handmade, Sustainable ‘Tartan Trainers’ by Duval Timothy (Video)

I had the pleasure of meeting the super creative artist, Duval Timothy on my last trip to London a few weeks back. I’ll be honest and say that when I heard about a guy that had hand made his own lasts and shoe, I didn’t really have high hopes for how the end result would look. I’ve never attempted to make a shoe last by hand, but I have tried to model them in 3D, and I know trying to recreate the exact dimensions and curvature is extremely difficult. I still to this day can’t believe how well, Duval handmade those lasts, and the overall shoe is beautifully executed.

The trainer was “designed in response to seeing the waste rubber (tartan track) from the refurbishment of Southwark Park running track, London.

The handmade trainers are designed specifically for my feet with a simple design based on functionality and comfort. The last is carved from found wood, the upper is made from a single piece of wool stretched around the last with just a few stitches to attach the trainer’s tongue. The ‘tartan’ sole is cut into so that it becomes more flexible and therefore more durable and comfortable.

The project represents a concept to develop a more sustainable production of trainers based around employing recycled materials and simple construction.” – Duval

Currently the trainer’s are only a one-off. Duval is however contemplating producing them in a larger number, so if you’re interested in a pair yourself, make sure to send him a message.

Making Tartan Trainers from Duval Timothy on Vimeo.

Duval Timothy tartan trainers

Duval Timothy Tartan trainers


Duval Timothy Tartan trainers
Duval timothy Tartan trainers
Duval Timothy
Duval Timothy Tartan trainers
Duval Timothy Tartan trainers
Duval Timothy Tartan trainers
Duval Timothy tartan trainers
Duval Timothy tartan trainers 14

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  • pittalo - 4 years ago

    That’s not how a sole should look like, buddy

  • David Mawdsley - 4 years ago

    Really impressed by this. Reminds me of when we made bespoke lasts in University, very challenging & time consuming process. Kudos to Duval!