Freeman Plat | Fuck Stereotypes. Set Precedent.

Freeman Plat has just launched their latest collection entitled, “Fuck Stereotypes. Set Precedent.” A not-so-subtle name for a not-so-subtle message (as you can see in the beautifully executed video above). Inspired by the 44th US President, Barack Obama and the Japenese culture, the collection see’s two new footwear silhouettes: the Jackson and the Oscar (both named after Freeman Plat”s front man, Jeremey Sallee’s grand fathers).

“All-in-all, the goal of the collection is to inspire those who are many times stereotyped to “SET PRECEDENT” (as President Obama did) and rid the world of harmful stigmas. The secondary goal is to piss off Trump by celebrating his predecessor.” – Joey A.X (

Handcrafted from Italian calf leather, the Jackson features a hidden stretch gore closure with an adjustable leather lace. A calf skin mudguard and heel tab that take cues from classic tennis sneakers.

The Oscar chelsea, made from Italian suede, is traditional in shape but progressively detailed with pattern pieces reminiscent of 70’s basketball. The stitched down welt and crepe bottom add for a comfortable yet tailored fit.

Finishing off both styles is the accented heal, which features their signature gold plated “Do More” screw.

Check out their politically charged, “Fuck Stereotypes. Set Precedent.” video above and their collection below. For a more in-depth description behind the collection make sure to head to their website.








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