Footware: Deep Future – Biomechatronics by Griffin Christensen

DAAP Design student, Griffin Christensen recently shared his “Deep Future – Biomechatronics” footwear concept, which explores potential ways in which we might interact with our footqwear in a more harmonious way in the future.

“A hundred years from now footwear will look very different than what we see today. Through technological integration and new manufacturing techniques, humans will become closer and more in-tune to shoes they wear. I wanted to try to think about what would truly alter our relationship with footwear. Shoes were at one time considered revolutionary, a device that could allow people to walk, run, and hunt further, for longer, and over harsher terrain than ever before. Since then, shoes have evolved tremendously, through new materials, manufacturing techniques, and the technology put into them. However, the base concept and purpose for what we put on our feet has remained mostly unchanged. I think that in the near future our footwear will dramatically shift, from devices used primarily to protect us from the ground, to robotic extensions of ourselves, augmenting our physicality dramatically.” – Griffin

You can see more of Griffin’s super inspiring “Biomechatronics” concept, below.









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