Foldable Shoe Concept by Martin Sallieres

Designer, Martin Sallieres has been showcasing some super interesting experiments on his Instagram page lately. His 3D pen sketching directly onto a last for example is incredibly thought provoking. With the added spotlight garnered from those posts, Martin made a clever play to showcase some of his older work that may have snuck under the radar.

Created 2 years ago, this Foldable Shoe concept showcases a super interesting shoe solhouette and premise. The idea being that the user could change the sizing of accordion style outsole.

“The winder in the back of the shoe reduces the length of the strings in the sole. Which changes the size of the shoe, going from a 41 to a 45, for example. But you can also wrap it completely, to make it fit in your bag or in your drawer at the office.

I used Nike’s identity for the product because of their innovative attitude towards material and shape. The Flyknit technology would give an interesting structure when the shoes are on, and remain flexible when folded.” – Martin

Check out Martin’s Foldable Shoe, below.





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