Fila T-Lock by Jonathan Bankowski

Jonathan Bankowski’s T-Lock retro runner concept is a mixture of signature Fila design elements and combining them modern materials. Detailing the intricate design details, along with highlighting the development process, Jonathan gives us some insight into the great deal of work that went into creating the Fila T-Lock.

‘The Fila T-Lock 1 is a lifestyle vintage runner combining signiture elements from different generations of running shoes. The overall styling is inspired from the simple lines and bold details of the late ‘80s, early ‘90s runners. An injection phylon outsole provides the modern comfort and cushioning from today’s high performance running shoes. This combination results in a comfortable shoe with classic appeal.’ – Jonathan

‘A second colorway of dark gray and black represents simplicity while the neon blue accents represent the brightness of warmer weather.’ – Jonathan

‘Suede provides strength and structure to the upper while the mesh and perforated suede keeps the inside of the shoe cool.’ – Jonathan

‘TPR pieces used on the quarter and heel add more strength and stability but are used more as eye-catching focal points representing the styling of past icons. The TPU eyestay is used for a stronger, more secure fit and adds a finishing compliment to the quarter piece. The “T” in T-Lock is signified by the bright colors of the TPU quarter piece and tongue.’ – Jonathan

‘Fila’s motto is embroidered on the tongue label to illustrate the background and qualities of the company.’ – Jonathan

‘The sketching process explored many different styles from the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Research showed that as the years progressed, designs were evolving, with the use of molded outsoles and TPU/TPR, but were still clean and simple. The end result was a unique spin on the classic “saddle” running shoe. The TPR quarter piece enhanced the function of the saddle and introduced a stronger fit.’ – Jonathan

‘Pullovers were continuously developed and modified until the final sample was complete. Patterns would be drawn directly onto the pullover to better understand the shapes 3-dimensionally. Measurements were corrected 2-dimensionally on the shell patterns.’ – Jonathan

‘The injection phylon outsole provided modern performance comforts to a vintage inspired running shoe. It was lighter and offered more cushioning while the reduction of rubber helped to make the shoe even lighter.’ – Jonathan

‘Grooves along the midsole allowed the shoe to flex more and added visual elements to the technical, yet simple aesthetic.’ – Jonathan

‘The TPU heel counter gave the sole more support and structure to an area that takes more stress than other areas.’ – Jonathan

‘Multiple mock-ups of the outsole were made and corrections were applied to the mechanical drawings. Specific detail locations were drawn directly onto the sole.’ – Jonathan