FEIT | Handsewn LVL1 (Video)

A stunning look at the beautiful craftsmanship behind one of the dopest brands out right now, FEIT. A while ago I was lucky enough to interview Josh & Tull Price, the brothers behind FEIT for CK. Now that FEIT is entering it’s ninth year as a brand, it’s super interesting to see how they’ve evolved over the years while staying true to their core values; to produce well-made, beautifully designed & sustainably minded footwear.

Not to get too preachy, but one thing I’m learning more and more is how important it is to care about your products, beyond just the aesthetic. Knowing the craftsmen creating your designs, where the material come’s from, how & where the leather was tanned etc…is also a responsibility of a good footwear (and product in general) designer/developer, it doesn’t just stop once you send out those tech packs –

‘Juxtaposing accepted production methods and ethics FEIT/luxury products are hand made by contemporary master craftsmen using only the finest biological materials.’


FEIT-handsewn-10 FEIT-handsewn-9 FEIT-handsewn-8 FEIT-handsewn-7 FEIT-handsewn-6 FEIT-handsewn-5 FEIT-handsewn-4 FEIT-handsewn-3 FEIT-handsewn-2 FEIT-handsewn-1


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